BAMTV Fouding-0

BAMTV Fouding-0

Anakin Mignone , Harry Antonucci,and Jack

The founders and co-founder.

Hello, this is Anakin Mignone CEO/Founder of BAMTVStudios and we will start production on January 7th updates coming and March is a launch of our 2 shows. These shows are "Gopher the Rodent" and "Comedy Show". "Gopher the Rodent" was created and developed by Harry Antonucci and Anakin Mignone . "Comedy Show" was created by Jack Antonucci and Developed by Anakin and Jack .                                              Sincerely,                                                         Anakin Mignone News breaks out about Me,Jack Antonucci of Mad Moblin Entertainment writing the script for last episode of Gopher the Rodent season 1 called Like Father Like Son. It will have a major effect on season 2. Anakin Mignone will edit the Transcript and Animation will be done by Harry Antonucci an Anakin Mignone. All you we will tell you is that it's about Gopher and Greg spend they're father/son night trying to Rob a bank. from Jack Anakin is also writing The Pilot, Yep <---- BAMTV Comix Link (Clicky the Linky) <---Jack's Wiki(if u want)
Jack Dead Leaked Photo edited-1


New Leaked Photo Might Pose Question is Jack DEAD! -<3 Snapshot Watcher Supposedly It Happened At 12 Pm Monday as Jack wait for the Magical Night B
Crimal Caught edited-1

OMG Did Ani Do it

us and Ahhhhhhhhh Jack yelp like a littel Girl and Anakin RAN is it real? If so who? UPDATE: Anakin may have been the killer! He was caught 2 hours after the crime in New York City dancing with a magical Unicorn. for questioning........ ALSO he dumped her... :( Sorry Partica I tried - Tommy Demeco (C) (Unicorn) also Peggy (Pegusus) I pissed off sis
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Just In: Dusty is charged with atteped murrder.Mignone cleared